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Pawitra Naturals,
(Pawitra, meaning spiritually pure and holy, Naturals, meaning natural) our philosophy is: “Nature takes care of itself”.

We strive to produce products that are beneficial for your well being and the environment as well as providing local communities with a stable source of income.

Each stage of producing our raw materials is carefully controlled from planting to processing, no chemical fertilizers or insecticides are used at any stage neither are any toxic chemicals used for processing and we endeavour to find natural substances to replace synthetic chemicals at all times.

Our products are hand made using traditional methods and formulations.

As a result all of our products are natural and gentle, providing many benefits for your well being and the environment.

Natural agriculture is sustainable, we don’t plant a lot of on type of plant, instead we grow a wide variety of plants.

There are 8 rules to successfully grow plants in harmony with the environment that we adhere to.

  1. NO chemicals are used at any stage of production.
  2. NO mono cropping.
  3. NO burning or exposing of soil.
  4. NO plant or animal is regarded as an enemy.
  5. NO ploughing or turning of soil.
  6. Variety must be as close as possible to that of nature.
  7. The soil must be covered.
  8. Aromatic plants must be companion planted.


Mission Statement

Pawitra naturals is dedicated to providing a range of natural plant based products to enhance wellbeing and enjoyment. We do this with respect for natural growing methods using cultivation practices, which conform to traditional thai methods. Natural is both our name and our philosophy.